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Brief History of Galveston, Texas

Galveston is an island city in the Gulf of Texas known across the U.S. as one of Texas’ top tourist destinations. Galveston has so much to offer for everyone who visits the city. Sandy beaches, a rich cultural heritage, and mesmerizing Victorian architecture. The city is home to over 50,000 residents and houses an array of entertainment sites and activities. Among the many go-to places in Galveston include the Moody Gardens where giant glass pyramids house many kinds of animals. Further, it has the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier on the south and bird-rich Galveston Island State Park with trails. It also has fishing spots and kayak launches on the west and Stewart Beach and East Beach on the eastern end. All these and more make Galveston a great place to visit and find a new home to settle.

Why Call for a Professional Galveston, TX Home Inspection?

As a buyer or seller, there are tremendous benefits you can gain from our Galveston home inspection. We offer a range of professional home inspection services and the best possible prices in the area. Our home inspection in Galveston is second to none.

Our home inspection team in Galveston, TX recognizes the importance of a thorough and well-thought-out inspection plan, and so we give our best to inspect all areas of the home, from the roof to foundation and everything in between.

Here are the services we offer at GC Home Inspection:
  1.     Certified Move-In Ready – A CMIR home means that it has undergone a rigorous 500+ point thorough examination. Save more time, get your house sold faster, and cut the endless haggling.
  1.     5- Star Package – Our 5-Star Package includes a Detailed Home Inspection Report with photos, Termite and Wood Destroying Insect Report, Thermal Imaging Report with photos, and Moisture Screening which identifies red flag moisture spots.
  2.  Buyer Inspection – At GC Home Inspection, your peace of mind is our priority. Owning your dream home can turn into a nightmare if you neglect this important task of having it inspected. Be more confident about your purchase. Get a comprehensive inspection report and have a more enjoyable experience moving into your new Galveston home.
  3. Seller’s Inspection – Consider calling us for your Galveston, TX Seller Inspection aka Pre-listing Home Inspection to help the sale process go smoothly and quickly. See your home through the eyes of an unbiased and neutral third party.
  1.     Builder Warranty Inspection – This home inspection service is available for homeowners living in newly constructed homes that are less than a year old. Many items may be concealed. But it’s not too late for our trained Galveston, TX home inspectors to detect those issues. Schedule your home inspection now while your builder is still responsible for most defects. 
  2.     New Construction Inspection – The construction of a home is a massive project involving many people in the process. Our Galveston, TX New Construction Inspection helps ensure that you are getting a safe and hazard-free property. Because no home is perfect, not even a brand new one.
  1.     Thermal Imaging Inspection – Infrared technology can help detect moisture issues that would not be visible during a limited visual home inspection as well as quantify the affected areas of moisture damage.
  1.     Pool Leak Detection Service – We understand how demanding owning a pool can be. A pool has a lot of moving parts, and components can potentially fail. All these can result in bigger problems and expensive repair bills.

Well detailed report and easy to read. Report was available very quickly, same afternoon. I was not able to be there but my realtor was. And Chad pointed out the spots and explained the issues. My realtor like him so much that he plans to add him to his referral list. Reasonably priced. – Review of GC Home Inspection By Jon Arnold

Our extensive experience and highly skilled professionals at GC Home Inspections make us your one-stop-shop for all your home inspection needs in Galveston, TX. We are thorough and offer a clear, concise, and comprehensive home inspection report. Excellence has been our calling card for over 30 years, giving clients peace of mind and all the knowledge they need with each and every property we inspect. Call us at (281) 675-5885 or Click Here to Schedule Online 24/7.

30 Years Of Experience In The Industry ~ GC Home Inspection

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Along with many top-ranked schools and rapid population growth, buying a home in Pearland, TX has never been easier with the help of GC Home Inspection.

Buying a home is a huge investment that requires a great deal of professionalism and competence in the whole home inspection process. That is why you should never entrust your home with an inexperienced and unreliable home inspector.

GC Home Inspection has some of the top-rated professionals who have been inspecting homes of all types in Pearland, TX, and the surrounding areas for more than 30 years. Our licensed and certified inspectors will evaluate each property with great care and attention to detail followed by a detailed report with the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

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Over 30 Years Of Experience In The Industry ~ GC Home Inspection