Meet The Team

Chad Langston

Chad Langston has been in various fields of the construction industry since 12 when he worked with a roofing contractor. At 18 Chad worked as an electrician’s helper where his education continued. Chad manages a building supply company where building materials has sold and/or install.

This experience provided a multitude of learning avenues such as exposure to manufacturers who educated him on proper methods of installation, and experience of seasoned construction workers.

This background has equipped Chad to know how things should be done, what could happen if they are not done right, and how to analyze problem areas to determine the source of the problems.

He is married for over 25 years and has 3 children who are his pride and joy. Chad enjoys saltwater fishing primarily in the surf, but anyplace with water and his wife is just perfect. Chad enjoys coaching basketball and has coached at various age ranges for both boys and girls. For over 30 years he is currently serving in the nursery as he absolutely loves babies.

These characteristics make him the perfect choice for a home inspection as he genuinely cares for others and is willing to serve and share the knowledge he has acquired.

Sadie Director of security

An alarm will beep at you when you come home, but it won’t jump all over you, excited that you’ve returned home. With Sadie, you get the barking to scare any criminals, postmen, and passersby away, and a big dose of cuteness. In these tough times, a little cuteness is needed by all.

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