ServicesAt GC Home Inspection, we recognize the importance of a thorough and well-thought-out inspection plan. We surely give our best to inspect all the gritty-nitty aspects of every home we inspect. We certainly take our time to check gutters, exposed electrical wires, outdated electric panels, trimmings, and everything that requires checking. These things are done to ensure that you get to know all the conditions of the home before acting on any decision.

Our services cater to buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, and anyone who would require a home inspection. Take note; home inspections can be done even if you’re not buying or selling a home. A home inspection, after all, is a needed action to ensure your home is safe, secure, protected, and can stand at any season.

Below is a list of our services. If you have questions regarding these, click the service to directly see the page explaining the same. You can also schedule a call with us to see which of our services fit you best:



Certified Move-In-Ready Homes have been thoroughly inspected. It underwent a 500+ Point Thorough Examination Of The Home. It also includes Structural, Mechanical, Roof, Electrical, Plumbing, Major Appliances, Heat, and A/C. Read more..


Home Inspection Houston TX

When buying a home, you need to thoroughly inspect the property before closing the deal. If you neglect this important task, then you could end up discovering that the home has many problems that you were unaware of and unprepared for. These problems could be quite expensive to repair eventually. Read more..



We offer this home inspection as one of our services for homeowners who are living in a newly constructed home less than one year old. While many items are now concealed, it’s not too late for defects to be caught by the trained eye of our inspectors. Our experience tells us that most major construction flaws go unnoticed for 3-5 years. Read more..


Comprehensive Thermal Imaging inspections

The thermal imaging inspection involves the use of infrared cameras to take thermal images of the home. We utilize these sorts of cameras to identify light outside of the obvious range. Additionally, the capacity to see various ranges of light has numerous advantages. GC Home Inspection is in fact a Certified Residential Thermographer in Pearland Texas. Read more..



• Detailed Home Inspection Report
(Photos Included)
• Termite and Wood Destroying Insect Report
• Thermal Imaging Report
(Photos Included) Read more..



You may want to consider a Seller Inspection or pre-listing home inspection. This can help in the sales process so that it will go smoothly and quickly. Also, a pre-listing inspection is the same as a residential home buyer’s inspection except the information is for the seller. Read more..



The construction of a home is certainly a big project involving many contractors and suppliers. As the buyer and homeowner, you are the financier and recipient of the final product. If you are like most people, this is your biggest investment. Understandably, most people want to establish a good rapport with their builder.  Read more..



Premier home inspection company from Pearland, TX, GC Home Inspection announces the launch of their new Pool Leak Detection Service. This service gives homeowners a general idea of whether their pool is leaking and from which part. Read more..

I highly recommend Jason and Chad for your home inspection. They were indeed very thorough and were able to locate issues that needed to be addressed with the seller before moving forward on the purchase of the house. The photographs along with a detailed description of the issues have also been a great tool in negotiating with the seller. – Review of GC Home Inspection By Doug Bacon

Our services come with a comprehensive report – detailing all the findings and the next steps a homeowner must do like referring an electrical issue to a registered electrician or a busted pump to a licensed plumber. All this we do to make the home inspection, buying, and selling process as smooth as possible for you.

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Along with many top-ranked schools and rapid population growth, buying a home in Pearland, TX has never been easier with the help of GC Home Inspection.

Buying a home is a huge investment that requires a great deal of professionalism and competence in the whole home inspection process. That is why you should never entrust your home with an inexperienced and unreliable home inspector.

GC Home Inspection has some of the top-rated professionals who have been inspecting homes of all types in Pearland, TX, and the surrounding areas for more than 30 years. Our licensed and certified inspectors will evaluate each property with great care and attention to detail followed by a detailed report with the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

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